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Furniture Repair Alpharetta

Furniture Repair Service in Georgia

We all have particular furniture that we like more than other pieces we have, even if they are starting to show their age these days. A lot of us also have other pieces of furniture that are truly just there, you really couldn’t care less about what ultimately happens with it. Once you’ve gotten your money’s worth out of it, you’re fine getting rid of it. If you truly care for a piece of furniture, getting it repaired is well worth the cost. It can take you from truly falling apart to looking like it just came out of the factory.

DIY Restoration vs Professional

You will regret trying to do furniture repair alone. It can be very overwhelming and you aren’t paid to do this work. You cannot become a professional in restoration overnight. The average hardcore DIY-er is NOT going to be able to just pick up a craft like this real quickly. It’s not just the actual act of doing the work too, you have to have the tools you need to do the job, and be able to source the leather and other materials that you need. Pro’s are able to source the exact materials they need, and likely have all the tools they’ll need already on hand. Our biggest fear is homeowners destroying their property and antiques! You’ll love the work of a professional furniture repair service.

Restore or Refinish Furniture

Restoration and refinishing aren’t really the same thing, even though people think they are.  It is a different process to look at for each.Restoration is generally minimal work, light cleaning and minimal repair. The end goal is always to maintain the base structure and improve the outer appearance and functionality to not lose value on the antique furniture.

You will have to strip the old finish to resurface a piece. Wood is treated with chemical strippers, sanded, stained, and then refinished. Do beware that some antique pieces can lose value after being refinished. If value matters to you, you need to do research and talk with your refinished before making any choices.

Furniture Restoration in Georgia

Watch out for MDF and particleboard. It’s cheap, mass-produced, and not worth the time to try and refinish. Paint won’t even adhere well to the smooth plastic-like surfaces. Honestly when it comes to true antiques with real value, you just want to avoid having it refinished if you want to maintain the value. The best candidates for refinishing are sturdy solid wooden pieces of factory-made furniture. Being that these are usually mass produced, you aren’t risking someone’s handmade labor of love or ruining a true antique. If you want a piece refinished, we are proud of the work done by furniture restoration Alpharetta in Georgia.

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